ETHOS Climate Model

The Future is Now

Sustainability is a term that means different things to different people and organizations.  In the architectural world, the ethos of sustainability has become well established with its underlying principles of green practices and social responsibility.  Aqueous assists architects in making these designs possible using sound design, judgment and the mathematical power of ETHOS.  

ETHOS is Aqueous’ proprietary computer program that simulates future climate and projects life cycle environmental and economic performance of irrigated landscape designs.  The tasks ETHOS can perform are limitless:

  • Estimate Future Irrigation Demand
  • Size Rainwater Harvesting Tanks
  • Include Interior or other Non-Potable Water Uses
  • Life Cycle Cost Benefit Analysis
  • Future Water Use with Climate Change

Regardless of one’s perception, conviction, or inclination, Climate Change is the result of statistical analysis and research.  In other words, scientists observe trends in historical data to estimate where future climate is going.   Instead of looking simply to see how our landscape and water systems would have performed using average data of the past, ETHOS allows the future simulated climate to vary within allowable observed limits in order to simulate an infinite number of possible outcomes and selecting the one whose design criteria best fits the project.