Aqueous is a Professional Engineering firm that specializes in irrigation, water resources, and rainwater design.  Founded by Michael Igo, PE in 2014, the firm’s passion and desire to provide efficient irrigation and water systems for architects, engineers, and end-users has made Aqueous a trusted firm for construction document preparation, construction administration, and post-construction management transition.    Aqueous’ mission statement is:

"Aqueous provides solutions for our clients' irrigation, rainwater harvesting, stormwater management, and non-potable water system needs. By engineering systems that promote water conservation and efficiency, we lessen the dependence on drinking water, preserve ecological balance, and watch the economic bottom line."

Professional Engineering licensure in the irrigation industry is a rarity.  As such, Aqueous prides itself as an independent design firm that considers and recommends products of all manufacturers if worthy of installation on our projects for our clients.

Aqueous is also an educator for architects wanting to know more about irrigation and water resources as we are an approved provider of Continuing Education Units by the Landscape Architecture Continuing Education System (LA/CES).  

Contact us for your next irrigation, water engineering, rainwater, or water feature design project.